rough edges: a micro low-tech exhibition

the games

Habitual, Situal and Victual were made as part of a Creative Practice study, looking at DIY personal vignette games. Each game can be played in under 5 minutes, with a standard mouse and keyboard.

Exhibiting the games, and making space for players to leave comments about their experiences with them, is parts of a personal critical reflection on the works. Your experiences are a part of that, and you can leave a comment to tell me about them.


Download some zines about diy personal games, or find tools to make games of your own

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Who made these?

thryn h is a 29 year old queer game designer and diy artist from yorkshire. They're currently working on their phd at the university of York.
They make playful digital and physical media, mostly games.

You can find them on twitter or their non-digital games on